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Team in Hannover

Our Team

Dr. Frank Bätje is an emergency medic and a German general practitioner with over 25 years of experience in clinics and practices, as well as with ambulances on the road and in the air. His solid network of specialists ensures that foreign patients have the type of in-depth healthcare that they might not receive in their own countries. Dr Bätje assesses patients’ files and weighs up whether treatment in Germany is likely to deliver benefits and successful Outcomes. Curriculum vitae from Dr. med. Frank Bätje

AEROWEST Ambulance Flight is our air-ambulance partner at Hanover airport. Emergency-response doctors and assistants are out and about in air ambulances all over the globe to look after gravely ill people properly and to take them to Hanover, or back to their own countries. Our interpreters speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Turkish and Arabic. They also escort patients to doctors‘ surgeries or departments in clinics and if required will look after the people accompanying patients too.