Medical Consulting International

Healthcare is a global issue. Doctors exchange information across frontiers on the best and most innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods.

Therefore, in many industrialised countries medical principles and approaches are comparable with one another. But not everyone who is sick or injured enjoys the same choice of facilities everywhere. If options at home are limited, solutions are available abroad. And this is where Germany sees itself as a professional supplier of healthcare services.

By international standards, Germany has a very good, nationwide healthcare system that also has the capacity to meet the requirements of people from abroad. German doctors are highly qualified and various specialisations ensure that they can put their skills to the best possible use. Not just university clinics, but also German hospitals offer high-quality healthcare. German pharmaceuticals manufacturers and the medications they offer are sought after worldwide and subject to stringent production controls.

For patients to seek care abroad from a German doctor, a general practitioner must first look at the patients’ case history to date and coordinate diagnosis and therapy. The goal is to save people from undergoing any unnecessary procedures, from spending too much time waiting, or from incurring excessive costs for treatment. If necessary, part of the preparation includes giving support with applying for visas and travel and accommodation, as well as providing interpreters. Once patients have arrived at their destinations, procedures only take place with this coordinator.